Art of Thanksgiving

Why Thanksgiving?

This morning when I woke up, God took me back to old days.. It took me back to campus life. I have to confess how God supernaturally provided for me.

Sometimes, season come they lead us to hit rock bottom. Rock bottom can overshadow how God has been in days before.. Today I made a choice, to be thankful for the little things that God is doing.

We are living in very unprecedented days.. We are not sure how our needs will be met. Some of us are experiencing hefty pay cut, which is in arrears of some months..

I have every reason to gramble and complain. One, am in a foreign land, secondly am cut off from my family. I have no option of; if it gets worse I will relocate to my village, that is not possible.

This day I stand to confess of how God has not allowed me to lack. He has used different channels to meet my basic needs. And for that, my heart is full of gratitude.. My heart is welled up with songs of praise to the Almighty.

I have not lacked, I have not slept hungry, I have not been evicted from my house, I have not fallen ill. I have bunch of things to be grateful…

One of my resolve this season has been to gaze on what is working, and leave out what is not working. I did an introspection, I have never had a well to pay job.. But I have experienced abundance out of the little.

Over and over God has made my little money to be elastic. Have you ever witnesed little doing much? As a matter of fact, if I shared the highest pay I have ever received, wow you will see God in my life.

If anything I want to share the little I get, everytime I have extended my hand to give, the same proportion in greater measure have I received… Do not forget the art of giving in days of little…

God expects us to meet the need of each other, I want to challenge each one of us, endeavour to give or share what you have. That way, none of us will be in lack…

Give thanks for the small things, it will help you sail through the storms.

Thanksgiving is a choice we have to make, it is an attitude, a posture, a deliberate option, no one can do it for you, it is very personal. Do not miss out because God is at work, He is doing immense job. We are not going to sink, we are making it through.

Start giving thanks for what you are trusting God for. The waiting will be a little easier and shorter. Avoid grambling and complaining, dance in the hallway..

And do not forget to check out on people, you never know what that call will do to someone! Do not ignore that nudging, respond immediately you might save a soul…

Thanks giving it is! Go ahead and make a gratitude jar, you will realise how God is doing alot of things…

From heart and todays reflection. In all things give thanks even when it is not easy or working, give thanks anyway..

From my heart to yours…šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™

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