Google reminder

This year has been a shaking, anything that is shakeable has been shaken.. So early this week, I was busy minding my business…

You see how we scroll the phone?facebook abit, then check instagram, before you go off, you check your mail box.

Just as you are thinking of keeping your phone away. Then boom a reminder pops in… In your mind your like, did I schedule any meeting this week. Your mind races abit thinking you had a zoom meeting….

At a glance you seat upright to check on the reminder. Wow with all expectations, you are cut short… ..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

As the year began I had dates, ewoo. I mean serious things were on the pipeline… And this week I was to meet my supposedly inlaws. Its saved as Kenya meets Sz trip on my google calendar.

Father God oh! Whatever was happening then, 🀠🀠🀠🀠🀠 one day I will have an answer… So , this week I have had to revisit so many plans.

When the word of God tells us that we plan and it is Him to establish it. Not one time have I found myself sipping a humble pie in agreement

As I write this on top of covid 19 havoc, the relationship is dead.. Buried to the hole of forgotten. So this particular reminder took me aback.

I am not sure how many more will keep popping. My heart is healed it has moved on. Sad as it is but I have found peace in the break up.

Anyway I feel for my people, they had the wedding all figured out.. On the other side I wanted a private wedding of 20 people at most. Them it was time to shine with ideas, its been over a decade since they had one..

I will never stop laughing at my silly mistakes and thoughts.. It was my first break up, for now I finally got an experience. I can never judge someone who cries for love, why? I did it. I will not judge someone who reaches out to the ex, why? I have done. I will never judge someone who feels lesser out of a failed relationship, why? It has taken God to help me raise my esteem.

I pray for Mammy I know she had waited and thought the wait is over. I pray for all those who look up on me. That God will hold me fast, that they will never doubt the God I pray and trust..

I will need energy to break news. This will remind me of how it felt… And I will look back and thank God I made it….

Internet is faithful and never forgets.. Just a type , search away and it will pop up. This will serve as a pleasant reminder… Just accept and move on…

To all ladies out there especially those who have waited, just one day God will inravel all that is hidden and we will sing of his faithfulness.. No experience is a waste, eveb the most stupid ones, he will make use of them.. Trust in the process. Nothing good comes easy…

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