Ivory Towers the Iconic building..

Remainder of Ivory Towers.
The initial look of Ivory towers..

In this life we got attachment we know not.. It is after you loose it that you realise you had some secret attachment.

It is until something is off, that you realise you had serious attachment, sometimes you mourn since loss is a loss, whether small or big it is a loss.

Last weekend was no different, Ivory towers is an Iconic building in the great Makerere, I mean The University. To every Ugandan, when you say you are going to the University no further explanation is needed, everyone gets the glimpse of where you are going.

For a new student in the University, you can’t miss the building, it houses the administration block. And it also helps in get bearing in case you lost direction in your initial days.

With nostalgia I remembered my first year in the University how naive I was. The sight of the scene brought memories alive.

I stayed in famous Kikoni, in my knowledge together with my roommate we required a taxi to take us to the main gate, after we alight, we make our way to the library or our faculty. Interesting!

It is after several trips that we learnt that we actually lived a walking distance from the University. This was after convincing my parents of the need to send extra pocket money to cater for extra cost.

Now, when I learnt of the fire that blazed the iconic Ivory towers to ashes. Part of me went with the structure, I am convinced in the building lies a document that bears my mine. Or maybe my foot step! Something that is mine went down with the building.

I mourned the destruction, I felt the loss, not that I can single out what I lost, nevertheless I lost something.. For anyone who has gone through the University has made there way to the building.

The gaping hole in me mourned the monumental building. It was two years shy away from its hundredth year of existence. I at fast was raged I didn’t see any good in its happening…

Perspective makes whole difference on how we view things. A friend of mine challenged me to see a positive side of the fire.

You see, in life even when we go through the hardest of things , there’s always light moment in it. We can decide on what to capitalise in,and that defines whether we will be grateful or, we end up grappling…

In my few years of existence, I have learnt no experience is a waste. I am eternally grateful for the day I learnt none is in vain even when we make very stupid mistake. God has a way of turning things around..

I want to be believe the building reduced to ash, I am not ignorant of the cost implication of the accident. But want to point at the positives in it.

That building was built under the rulership of whites. Meaning its a colonial building! Maybe your ancestor were part of the labourers who worked on it. No pay or meagre pays, unfavourable conditions or even torture .

Why am I pointing on that, the people who were labourers did it with sad faces and torn hearts. Maybe servant, who were treated like less human being yet in their own land.

Is it another chance to rebuild it, upholding human rights and giving respect where due, rebuilding a new culture.The labourers rebuilding with happy faces. Getting rid of the bad memories as it was being brought up.

Building our heritage, using our God given vast knowledge. Making history and erasing the pain that our forefathers went through. Building fresh memories that are built in common understanding, sense of ownership. Priding on our abilities.

A new beginning, a new era taking over, newness and freshness being exhibited. Allowing our ingenuity, our abilities and wisdom put on display all for His glory..

I look forward to a new look, how lovely to be in existence a time like this. Moreover in the pearl of Africa. I will surely have to visit the upcoming monumental building. I look forward to seeing the indigenous structure. One that we will pride as being our own.

The great Makerere is experiencing a new shift and Africa at large, we are turning our gaze. We are rising to the greater challenge. In God we trust, in God we hope. No longer shall we look up on big brothers but we will trust our ability.

To all people who are putting the structure up, we are watchimg. Make Africa better, most especially Makerere.

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