I made to the Daily nation newspaper.

So today in retrospect I was to be betrothed … But God had a different story in the making. As far as I can remember google reminds me of all the events I had in plan. And today was to be dowry/ruracio.

My plan versus what God had in mind; I had my story featured in the Kenyan Daily nation. I got a whole page on me. This God oh. Its not that I know who is who. Its sheer miracle that appeared on paper. I made a prayer; this story as it goes out, it marks a new journey in God. I don’t know the specifics on how it will unfold, but I know its a beautiful story of God at work.

My story keeps evolving, I don’t take it for granted of the small things God does for me. Like smiling when its thick.. To God be the glory..

It reminds me of Gods faithfulness, who would have thought that I can be on daily nation. Here we are, am not any better neither is my story so special. It has taken God.

It has been God, it will always be God. My life is pure work of God.. I am a vessel, an instrument in the redeemers hand. All for his use..

#faithoverfear #fearlessmentality #onedayatatime #thekingdomofGodfirst.

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