The great Makerere MTR

Every 9th of October comes with nostalgic feeling. It is independence day for Uganda as a republic..

To me, I can’t help but relish the moments when I was a student. This day came with a lot of eagerness and expectation. I happen to have led the group of Kenyans for a sole purpose to raise our voices to our maker. Corporate prayers for our beloved country.

It is in Makerere my prayer life was in a great way shaped. The Kenyans in a foreign land came together joined by one thing love for God. I remember Queen Esther may her soul rest in peace, she is the reason prayer day was born.

My memory serves me right, when I was in my first year I remember attending a lunch hour prayer meeting. In preparation for the prayer day we had to take long times of prayer and fasting. For the beginner we agreed to do six weeks of prayer and fasting! My first time to take long in prayer, this was a trajectory of my life.

Prayer life defined my stay in campus. MTR,(Mango tree) for any person who has gone through the great Makerere has a history of it. So long us you had a walk with the Lord, in one way or the other you made a way to the grounds. Sadly the only remainder is the sculpture of once existing mango tree.

MTR has our deep of secrets, it has seen our hearty cries, it heard our different tongues. It is under this tree that we raised our voices, praying for our future, relationships were forged. We became a family, we had this habit of waking each other in the morning for moments of prayer. The deep relationship that I have made are coined in my time under this tree.

We prayed for our future, we shaped what we are today in a big way. We held each other accountable, we took care of each other, met needs of each other. It is in our times of seeking God that today we are in the midst of His faithfulness. It is under this tree we planned for missions. Did extra ordinary things, radical prayers and deep commitment that thus far has held some of us.

Makerere made sense because of the people that we together with. I have the privilege of visiting the university recently. It is all ghost the memories we made was because we were all there all of us. It cant be complete without the people. There is a gaping hole on each of us who went through the gates of the university that tends to think a visit will fill in the gaps.

On the contrary the greatness lies on the people who we did life with, for now nothing you can relate with. Things are brought to life by people that are around us. Structures cannot give us the connection we got. It would make sense if all of us went back to make memories. It goes without saying, whatever makes us cherish the memory is because we had the company of each other.

Wherever you are, if it is in your ability get to relate with people well, do it! Do not despise any person God brings your way. It might be that security guy, or the cleaner, support staff that you have around. Wealth has a life span but human being are to infinity, even in there absence they make this significant contribution.

This is to the great friendship that we made when we were once student. I know we are in different levels in life. But one thing stands, Makerere was never complete with out each of us. All that we crossed our paths we made great memories and deep connection that can outlast time. Every time we meet, we do life like we never separated at one point.

Happy independence day. Happy prayer day. Faith over, we are standing in the midst of His faithfulness. One day at a time, the kingdom of God first.

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