A tribute to a dear friend!

Do you know those people who die and yet you find yourself musing at the memories that you had? Those that you keep telling about your progress unknowingly. The ones you feel celebrate any milestone you make in life! My instincts keeps telling me they are my main cheerleader.😍

Well, I have a friend who On a day like today ten years ago went to be with the Lord. I got to meet her while pursuing my advanced level at Hana mixed school Nsangi in Uganda. Something special , a deep connection, her sweet spirit cannot go unnoticed. From the time we met we clicked became best of friends. She was my deskmate my time in A’Level, one of the vivid memories was when she would struggle with sleep during the lesson and she would write my future.

My future became our mantra, everytime sleep tried to take a glance at us we would just say out loud my future. And yes we stayed true to our future , we gave our best matters books. This secured as a chance to join  the university to pursue our dream course.

We got admitted to pursue almost the same course, same faculty and shared most of the subjects. For her she majored in development Economics as I pursued pure economics. She made it to join the university a week earlier than myself. I requested her to secure a room for me. That is how we ended up sharing a room with her. This meant we did a lot of things together. Prayed together, went to class together, and still went to the same church. Our first semester rocked, we were naive and innocent.

If my memory serves me well, our first week was funny and hilarious we would board a taxi to the campus. This made us to request for more cash to be able to cater for the extra cost. One evening we bumped into an old girl from our former school. She was surprised that we were taking opposite direction from our hostel. We explained that we were heading to the bus stop to catch a taxi take us home. That girl bursetd in laughter.

We didn’t understand why she was laughing at us. After composure she told us our hostel is ten minutes walk. She took us to our hostel, wink 😉. The moment was awkward! Thanks to friends who go ahead on somethings, they save the moment.

Ann Lepishoi her name a very ambitious woman, phenomenal, prayerful, hardworking and beautiful in all angles. She is this friend I want to be with when life is good. She is also the person I want to be with when hitting rock bottom. To date if something happens in my life, the first person I want to tell is her. Then am reminded she went ahead of me. I remember our last convesration barely two days before she met her death. Our plans to empower women without limits. She loved Rev Kathy Kiuna, she loved what she was doing. In her I saw the future of better days ahead.

She came from a marginalized tribe in Kenya, Masai, her physic was one to be respected, her aura demanded attention to those around her. We had plans to leverage on the fact that despite being from a marginalized tribe she defied all odds and went through school. Atleast no cattle had been received on her behalf and today it feels fresh to remember her.

After we finished campus she went back to Kenya I remember she started selling insurance policy just to make ends meet. Being the first born a lot was expected of her. She didnt take any chance she decided to fold sleeves and delve into the corporate world. She was this hardworking lady.

I know I owe you Ann, I didn’t pursue our desire to do women empowerment. Today am reminded of it, who knows? It is not late to begin it. I am owning up, meanwhile it is right on time that am in the process of working out things. This year has been tough but God has sustained us. In the midst of it God is crafting new ideas in me. It would have been perfect with you in it. My matron, apparently am still single, If what I know today I knew it years back life would be different.

God has allowed me to walk the path of waiting! Waiting for a spouse, waiting for a job alot of waiting girl. But God has been faithful through it all. Missing you is underrated coz its beyond. Hugs to you in heaven. This is in honour of you Ann Lepishoi. If loving you would bring you back? Haungekufa, I remember how devastated I was at your death. I cried myself to sleep. Sadly I didnt make to attend for your burial I had an exam on that material day.

When you left you broke our heart, but I know you are resting with angels. Am comforted in the knowledge that its a matter of time and we join you where you are. Continue cheering us, clapping at us any time we make you proud. This is to a dear friend, a covenant sister. I miss you.




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