What manner of love 💕

What manner of love…. On my reflection today, I got myself drooling in soliloquy. What would it look like if I was on someones wedding lineup and, just few days to the Dday I get involved in an accident that disfigures my face?

Well, let me paint a picture. Walk with me and create a face that is fully bruised and has black scars and am all swollen.😪😪 That look when we meet you first call out my name to confirm its me!🤔🤔🤔🤔. I ask myself, will I have the courage to be part of the bridal party, or should I excuse myself and avoid embarrasment?

The reason is valid and is also visible… My friend ought to understand and let it slide…. That would be my first thought line. On the contrary, last weekend I was challenged by a friend… It takes courage and boldness to do what he did. The manner of love that was displayed I am still comprehending..

How many times do we promise to be there for people no matter what and we fail?😎 God help us..

Just a few days to the wedding he was in a bad accident that left him in bad shape. That said, it didn’t stop him from being part of the entourage in his friends wedding.. I know we walk on bruises most times but they are not visible. We have examples of events we showed up with red eyes and heavy hearts but we wear a smile, glam up and dress up to hide it.. But I saw different kind of love and courage potrayed… I was utterly impressed, to say the least…


What manner of love is displayed here.

Today I am reminded that the only reason we exist is love. In love we can conquer and slay giants. Love covers, love protects, love heals, love gives hope. May we be reminded that it was love that held Christ on that cross. Christ has laid upon us that premium role, incarnating that love to all around us. Even when we ourselves are limping or bruised we ought to spread love.. It will go a long way..

What manner of Love is this that Christ died for us… It heals, it gives hope, it encourages, it gives us reason to continue and that love will always win. Spread it, it has wings to fly.. 😍😍

#faithoverfear. #lovewins #incarnatethelove #smallwins #randommusings… #newnormislove #whatmanneroflove #kingdomofGodfirst.

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