Reserve chronicles… 254 my motherland.

My mother’s compound..

Well, well. Its been weeks of great fulfillment. I remininsce the months I spent indoors and alone . For now, the joy of having company and not just anyone but my main woman, is something. I remember the days I prayed to God to give me a chance to see my people again. And indeed God is great He gave me the opportunity.

Am here enjoying every bit. Cooking and washing for mum has been great. Just today in the evening I was teasing her to get for me a cup, just because a doctor recommended people to be sent. Isn’t it fun? Oh yes.. I love it, I have made her lazy, she says I am running the home, for her its eating and sleeping as she wishes..

Anyway today was a little bit awkward, it took me way back to my early twenties. 😂😂 am shy to say it. I rarely leave home, but this week I got to leave often, as we are mourning one of my cousin. So I have been getting home late.. As I was coming home, I passed by my nephew who just made 20 to give me a push, his friend saw a young lad whom he can hit on. I told my nephew what just happened, only for him to tell me how his friends are seeing a young gal whom they can run after..😎😎😎

Am I growing old or young? He tells me he has been trying to tell am not young😎😎.. Weuh. Now am in trouble, whistles will be up till I leave.. For now am hiring someone, the globe trotter seems not to be aliving.. Even for the trouble, am adding on the dowry.. The book with list of requirement is building up. Someone tell him to come now.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Meanwhile my Christmas has not reached. We meet on the eve of 14th for new year. I will be addressing the nation.

#dontforsaketruthandmercy. #faithoverfear #restiscomingover..

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