The struggle is real.

Love month is here with us.

Well, love month is here with us hurray.. 😍 It comes with mixed feelings, one its a reminder for many of us me topping the list. Anyway God is good, a good consolation there.πŸ˜‹

So yesterday at church the preacher decided to share my story. Not that he knows me. But have you attended a service and you feel like someone leaked your personal details? That was me all through the sermon…

In a nutshell, thanks to masks, it saved me big time. I laughed hard at myself. I saw a movie of my life being projected for all to see. . Being the month of love we began a series called the struggle is real. I guess you can relate with it. Eyecatching was the subtitle for yester sermon was ; ‘desparate for love/ relationship.’

Just the title made me burst out. I teared a little. I didn’t know what to expect out of it, albeit I had to sit in the whole session. Truth be told we need that poking, we need to be stirred out of comfort zone. Its very easy to curl up in a corner and assume nothing is happening.

Do you know those people who ancestors are actually feeling let down by, those that keep avoiding some relatives in fear of the obvious question. You know that aunt when we were young, the one whom you referred to as one who has never gotten married. Now you are that aunt..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hilarious but true.

We have become doctors of breakup until you can no longer be broken. You get to a point of thinking God has put you in a freezer and literary forgot about you. Wait, before I forget, a new guy joins church. He looks like a great guy, one who can be a potential and a good suitor.

This comes with a ray of hope. You whisper to God, did you just deliver him for me? You know our closet how it looks like. You put your best foot forward. They say put an approachable look. I mean you upgrade your wardrobe and do a make up here and there so that you don’t miss out.

The fourth Sunday comes and you are strategic, you know how the online advisers keep saying, you got it all figured out. Shock of your life is loading. πŸ˜—. Do you know a heartbreak that never was. You know how we get heart break many times even on those relationship that never existed.

On this particular Sunday, the potential checks in carrying this adorable baby and right behind him is a well manicured, sophisticated lady who is holding a four year boy is walking following the leader.

See our lives! Father Lord! We are back to the drawing board. Frustrated and let down. That day the service will be a hard one and it will make no sense however sweet the sermon would be. But its life, you pick up your pieces and say never will I look at anyone…

You join the club of maybe it was never meant to be. You start treating yourself right. You know, you take yourself for dates and post photos of how life is good. Deep inside us we crave for that love.

We know how our pillows suffer while we go back to our safe haven. How we crave masculine around us. To fix the bulb or even help in cooking once in a while. One to goof with and at. We know how we ask God: just a person to hold us? Is that much to ask? You know God I am not materialistic and I can submit why is taking this long?

Slowly you stop attending weddings, bridal showers, avoid being part of the bridal team in weddings, baby showers become a place of torture you go home and live in wonderland for days. You start taking solace in your corner and avoid gatherings at all cost. Why? You no longer have the energy to defend your state and you have no answers to many bugs.

Anywho you rebound and decide to add value to yourself. In no time you apply for masters and an online short course and burry yourself for a period. You are always busy and intense demands all over. Before you know it four years are gone.

Your birthday is round the corner, when your count your age! Alas! Something is seriously wrong. One time you were thirty, the next realisation its your thirty seventh birthday. But who lived my years? Where was I? Just in, you niece is planning for her wedding.

The rollercoaster goes on and on. You avoid all the shenanigans of your nieces wedding you give some money and appear on the wedding day in a rush. Why? The pressure is real, from inside and even the family demand it. They keep telling you how you are chasing men away. And you are the reason you are not yet settled..

Do we have answers? Not at all! Does God care? Yes He does! Does the society see the journey you are taking? No they don’t! Sad! But the demand continues. Do we give up? Not at all. Why? One day all this will make sense. Are we strong? Yes indeed very strong.

My heart this month goes out to this group that is uncategorized.. We are no longer youths and we don’t fit in married group. We are special marbles that are hardly parted. We are the ones who knows our journey. But God! This God one day he will manifest the manifold wisdom that is embedded on us specially for us.

Just a reminder, you are loved and very special. Its toss to better days. This year will be better. Just hang in there a little longer… It will be worth it..

#faithoverfear #thekingdomofGodfirst #donotforsakemercyandtruth #happyvalentinemarbles

4 thoughts on “The struggle is real.

  1. β€œWho lived my years?” This statement cracked me upπŸ˜…

    So vulnerable and brave of you to share this.
    Grace and more grace to you Gracie!

    No let me go dig and read all the remaining posts now that I have just discovered your blog😏


  2. I could almost feel the edges of your heart pouring out..these words are deep. Thank you for sharing.. Gracie..
    God , please do amazing and Great things as you have never changed..! Amen.


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