The struggle is real 2.

The struggle is real continues! Its been a week, I am wondering whether I touched the stories the ancestors have been waiting to hear so that pressure can begin🤔🤔.

Well, the week has had its own package. You remember how last Sunday the sermon was me? I think my mum was in attendance. This past week all she has been saying is one thing. Pliz my daughter get your own children.

I am guessing now the wife material is enough. She is confirming after staying with her for a solid whole month. Mum was it a test well passed? The son of Abraham pliz do not keep us waiting any longer. I am ready, the material can make a full dress. Haha!

So today as I made my way to church I kept smiling, you know my sentiments after last Sunday sermon. I didn’t know whether my mum leaked more details on the preacher. I hope you can relate. To make matters worse, valentine fell on a Sunday! Damn it!.

My starter pack for today, I carried extra cash, why? I have to treat myself after church, selflove pose..😍 I can’t afford to miss the moment. Off I left for church.. Upon reaching the church, you know the usual protocols, sanitize check, temperature check, and register check. Ooh people I love fresh flowers, right at the end of registration desk were flowers red rose. My heart melted at a glance.

As I was entering church they handed me a chocolate bar! Wow, what a nice way to start it. Just then, my mind started playing games. Could be all single men are receiving the petal of flower and they will give single ladies? Aaw nice. I guess you can reminisce the moment. Jokes 😜.

The struggle is real, you are with me on this. Did I say that todays subtitle was how to know He/she is the one? My heart was open to learn, I guess I have failed my ancestors so am working on redeeming myself..

All thanks to mask, they come in handy when your facial expression keeps betraying you. Sermon time came, and I was eager to know which chapter in me are we reading today.. Well, the start was quite hilarious. The first question was to both married and singles. To the married; how did you know he/she is the one?. To the singles what is your list of plan for the right one?

The first guy who answered was raw and real. He said try and error, we all bursted out in laughter. Deep inside I resonated with him. We gamble alot, me included not only in matters marriage but in most decision we make. Then a single guy said, its in 3D I mean blurry idea on the plan.

Does this sound familiar? Oh yes it does.. I did introspection on myself and laughed hard.. I am the category of people that laugh at their many silly mistakes and decisions. So today again the preacher is preaching me.

I fastened my seat belt to witness the adrenaline of my life. The first on the list was, are you the right person? Are you the material that has all the qualities you have listed. Long story, at times we see a sermon title and we are quick to dismiss. It at times digs the hurts and pains that we have buried for long. I know the feeling too well.

I personally avoid singles meeting, in one way or the other the issue of relationship will pop up. I have to say we exist in season. One season you are soo given to finding love, the next one you are passive I mean it doesn’t bother us and sometimes we give up and say this thing is not for us. Just make sure you are aware which season we are on.😅😅 You might hit a hard wall. Ooops!

Well, the major point that carried the day and it mirrored my life was knowing and identifying your broken places.😋😋. Do you know every relationship that you have been in, it breaks a place in you. It even influences how we approach the next relationship. Does it refresh you? You are skeptical in many things that you did in the previous and it didn’t work.

We are who we are because of our past. I did look into myself, you know that moment you loose yourself and think how you will approach the next relationship. Let me give myself as a case in point. I was in a relationship that had progressed to the level I had engaged my parents on our plans. Then all of sudden there was no plan and no relationship to.

That experience has a great deal on how I handle my relationship. I would prefer discreet engagement. Not that I am not proud of it, but having to explain how it didn’t work. The long story, and the shame that comes with it. Its undeniably sad state.

I looked and saw my broken places. What do I do? Our God is good. Why did it come at this point in life. The struggle is real, and its not ending. They said marriage is not for the weak. Avoid being desparate for love or relationship, go slow on it. Delayed gratification pays.

Trust in the process. Ultimate is not on marriage or relationship. Do not miss the moment. Dance in the hallway and find joy in your daily life. It will be rewarding. Does this change the fact that we desire it? No, it does not.. Do we love and covet to be loved yes. Those that will sweep our feet and cuddle us. Bring flowers once in a while.

Love is good and is to be desired. The men conference happened and we missed I love you message. A date or chocolate bar, A hug also does magic. Just an assuring hug is underrated.. Its medicine that heals deep wounds.

#thestruggleisreal #faithoverfear #thekingdomofGodfirst #loveisbeautifulandtobedesired


4 thoughts on “The struggle is real 2.

  1. This…
    The past is part of material that makes us. I agree
    I love the message, the baboon too, or is it a monkey?
    And the ancestors, we’ll address them later


  2. This is beautiful. I love the way you write. Looking forward to the next pieces. We often never “Dance in the hallway and find joy in your daily life,” we get so consumed by the wait that our life goes on hold and we ending losing out on time living fully.


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