The struggle is real 3

True love

Its been an amazing month of love, the sermon series for this month being the struggle is real. Today we had a subtitle true love. Wow! Its sounds appealing and captivating. What a nice intriguing title,don’t we all crave for true love? We will do all we can just to have a glimpse of it.

As I made my way to church my rider was really fast. I remember the many times I reminded him we ain’t going to put off fire. Well, I know I was getting late but that didn’t give him a ticket to be fast. I am one of the passenger who I guess, if any rider I have used is to share the experience, it would be comical.

In the course of my ride to church I didn’t have expectation on topic to do with matters love and relationship. In the past two Sundays the sermon series have really mirrored my life, so I thought I needed a break..As we are all aware Valentine was last Sunday. Any who, today was interesting, soul searching and depth of the matter. Being a Sunday just after the coveted day of love. What was there in store for us?

However, the way pastor began was quite intriguing. His first question was, have you ever thought of revenging your ex? Or have you ever witnessed a revenge by exes? Well, I didn’t know what to expect from the congregation. It stirred a few thoughts in my mind. What would one benefit after revenge? Someone said that one cheated to revenge, another one said, a lady went ahead to date the father to the guy. Ouch, gross it is! Another one said they poisoned her ex together with his new bride on their wedding day. Love Love Love! The magnitude on which love can cause damage.

Valentine is the best and the worst day for lovers. To those that the relationship is blossoming, it is the best day of the couple. Its also the worst season for a relationship that is rocky. It is also a reminder to those that are in waiting that its time to get someone who can love you. Well, the day comes and goes regardless of the circumstances that are on the ground.

According to John 9:1-10, the story of the woman who was caught in adultery. They brought the woman to the teacher Jesus Christ, they made her stand in the middle of the court and brought the case before Him. Now, according to the law of Moses such women were to be stoned to death. I pause, why didn’t they just stone her to death? Interestingly they brought her to the master. wow! However, this was a test to the master. When they persisted, the master stooped down and wrote down on the ground with His finger, let him who is without sin be the first to throw a stone to her.

Then He bent down and continued to write on the ground, when Jesus raised himself up. He said, woman where are your accusers? Has no man condemned you? She answered, no one, Lord. And Jesus said, I do not condemn you either. Go on your way and from now on sin no more. Interesting story there, I muse and wonder alone, who was the first person to start walking away after Jesus said,whoever is without sin be the first to throw a stone? He or she must be courageous one, owning up to defeat is not easy.

The human I am I would not be able to walk away, maybe I would negotiate my way out. Who walks away while we all know that we caught her red handed? She deserves to be reprimanded. Well, I am not God neither can I be like God. From the above narrative, we see how God love is. In spite of the case that was strong against this woman, He forgave her. We see the restorative kind of love being displayed here.

This month of love,some people have been broken, nursing hurt, angered,embittered,betrayed and all manner of things that have left indelible marks in their lives. The ultimate and most obvious is taking revenge,or wish for something bad to happen to your spouse or your ex. I know the feeling too well, most of us if not all we have suffered break up. We were crushed and messed. We somehow lost our identity as we battled the break up. Especially after a long wait for the right one, or even after a mega wedding that every one in town is talking about. We wear a gown of shame that causes us to be like the accusers of the adulterous woman in the passage.

We go before God asking him to send storm to those that have let us down. I know us too well, the day your world came crumbling. Especially when you remember how they made you feel, when the relationship was blossoming. How you thought you cant survive without him/her. And now it ended with premium tears. Where was God when all this happened? Our God demonstrates the restorative kind of love not vindictive. Yes, I fully understand why you would feel justified to revenge. But wait a minute, how does God treat us when we fall out of his will and plan? The many times we make silly mistakes even the ones he warned us against? Don’t we deserve His wrath? Don’t we deserve serious punishment? Oh yes we do.

What do we learn from this, true love exists. Its the kind of love that God has offered us. It is unconditional, its constant even when we very well know how far we are from Him. This kind that still welcomes us after wandering and trying all manner of things. Our God is not holding a stick waiting for us to make the next mistake so that he can beat us. Instead, he welcomes us and warms us like we never went away at all. Well, today we were challenged to extend the same kind of Love and grace to those that have wronged us. Not to be quick to judge, to condemn them,and wish them to be raptured. But when all is said and done we will wish them the best of luck.

Be quick to extend grace just the way God has constantly done to us. If we could do a candid introspection of our past hurts. We are well able to see all the red flags that kept popping up. We kept hoping that things will change and he/she will come around, most times we end up tolerating abuse. We fear what the society will think of us if we walked out of the relationship. We cling in hope at the end we are deeply hurt and broken God knows. The preacher today said marriage is hard, ask those who are married for twenty four minutes. I was astonished at that. Its been a repeated phrase by most married people. It will not be rosy all through, you will experience highs and lows in equal measure. In all things marriage is a beautiful thing and it is to be desired. It is the institution where grace and mercy is to be practiced on daily basis. There will be days you will wonder what you saw in the first place. It works,it is work itself.

Does true love exist? Oh yes it does! We give love because we have learnt to receive it from love himself. The way we receive the love of God is a catalyst of how we will give it and receive it to. At times we are poured a lot of love but since we don’t know how to receive it we end up dismissing it. We learn true love from the master who is Jesus Christ. It doesn’t change, it does not go stale, its ever fresh and readily available to all who desire it.

Gods love is reckless, I say reckless because he loves us even when we deserve to be thrown away. He will kick every wall, tear every lie just to come after us. His love is overwhelming never ending love, it chases us,leaves the ninety nine to look for one.We do not deserve it, we have not earned it yet He is open to us every time we run to him. Just turn to God and he will ravish you with unending love.

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