In the shoes of a missionary.

Bountiful harvest..

The past three weeks have been very intense week for us, as an organization we prepared, equipped, and linked a number of young, fresh graduate who are passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In my walk of salvation, a little earlier especially campus days. I relish how we would plan for two week mission at a place of choice before we head home for holidays. I saw people come to Christ and others rededicate their lives to God. Aww it was an awesome feeling, fulfilment of work well done.

Well, as time goes by you come across things that help you evolve on how you approach things and change your perspective. In the recent past I have found myself being involved in mission as a primary role. I have seen dire need for gospel, a case in point I went for an outreach and I came across a man who was conflicted on whether to believe in God or believe in Jesus. Interesting story there, yet its a true narrative.

In the course of this week I released a group of missionaries to the field. Not for a week or two in the mission field but for solid one year. Before I joined the organization I work for, I would vouch for two weeks mission and be happy of a bountiful harvest. Well, that has changed after having missionaries who spent a whole year with a community. Lived with them and cracked what really happens. I have come to realize that people who have not heard the gospel cannot be transformed by a two week mission. Instead they need discipleship and in turn they become disciples of Jesus Christ. One of the missionary who has been in the field told me, the whole church usually gets saved every time there’s is an altar call.

This raised my eyebrows, I mused at a thought of every Sunday the same person is getting saved. I did an introspection of the times I have been bragging how after preaching, 100 people gave their lives to Jesus. I do not want to water down the fact that we are fulfilling the great commission when we go for the two week mission. No, not at all! I have seen the need of using a different approach on how we carry out effective mission. We need a different strategy to achieve this.

God has called us to the city, synagogue, rural areas and cut off areas to. We may say the cities have been reached by the gospel, but I dare you, we have a great chunk that have not had the privilege of hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we mention mission we imagine those far places like Karamoja, Turkana, Wajir, Marsabit those far places. You see, the church and the body of Christ has a mandate and the primary being sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ till all have heard. The great commission it is!

As I sat on my desk thinking of the regions and areas that I will place the young, fresh graduate who are passionate for mission, I couldn’t help, my mind took a detour and went through the motions. The reality that awaits the said young graduates. I had to reminisce the times they might not access network to call their loved ones. The sacrifice of being away from the comfort of life. The fear of unknown, new culture, new food, new language. The fear of being rejected, fear of work dynamics, misunderstanding with work mates. The fear of posing a threat to the staff in the mission field . The fear of having a difficult partner who has a different personality. And above all the fear of how your needs will be met.

Its a whole basket full of all manner of fears, fear in all faces. All kind of fears that exist in the world is what I envisioned. Albeit all the fears, the subtle and deep conviction that are in these young graduates clears all the fear. The place of prayer, calms all the fears and gives me reason to dance in jubilation. Why? Facing the task unfinished will be done by the feet of those who go, the knees of those that pray and the hands of those who give. Am glad I have a group of missionaries who are saying, here I am send me.

I have come to realize, if we wait to have all the monies that we need for the great commission to happen, then we may never commit to go out and share the gospel. If we wait till we have enough people who can go, then we may never be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a matter of obedience, taking heed to the call, trusting the one who called. He has promised to light the way. He doesn’t need to show the entire journey but step by step we will achieve great milestone than seating and waiting till we have all the resources.

Overtime I have experienced super natural provisions, I have seen God heal in miraculous way, I have seen God make way the many times I have reached the end of the way. Every time I listen to the stories of our missionaries in the field, its evident this is His work. He uses whoever and whichever means to ensure the work continues. Even with meagre resources He makes the little elastic. I promise it is not a swift journey, but the becoming is important. It is in the mission field you learn to trust God for the least of things that are very obvious. It is in mission the field that I have learnt to appreciate what I have. It is in the mission field that I have learnt to be sensitive on how am leading my private life and even the picture I portray to the public.

I have been challenged as a person, I have been stretched. I thank God for the in-depth knowledge of the word of God I have acquired through teachings and trainings. At times that knowledge has turned out to be futile, most especially when you meet a person who has never heard any gospel. It takes courage to be able to come to the level the said person is in. It is very easy to loose patience in explaining basics to someone . Missions is diverse, God might be calling you or me to that intellectual colleague at work who believes that believers a sycophants, maybe he is calling you or me to that person whose body is full of tattoos, the one you do not want to be seen hanging around with. He might be calling you or me to that person who will make fun of you because you believe in a book that was written by people you know not.

We live in very interesting times philosophers , Mr. google who has all the answers to anything. People who are very intelligent who will question anything that is presented before them. The era of technology, instant and quick fixes, the era of discoveries and all manner of things. Yet God has called each believer to use their space and scope as mission field. It is evident in the cities we have many churches in one street, sadly the number of people who are unchurched is worrisome. It is clear that we have a role to play. We cannot shy away and say that the pastors will do it. No, not at all.

Our desks are the latest pulpit, our profession are the entry point, our prowess are the tools that we have at hand. The forums that we speak and do presentation are our mission field. There are doors that only you can knock and be allowed entry. It is very easy for a community to listen to a doctor, a teacher or even a social worker. In real sense meetings that are organized by professions are largely attended, there, just there, in that meeting a table has been laid. Do not let it go without you letting know that they need God in all their endeavors. Simple it is, we got no excuse why we ain’t sharing the gospel. Do not say you are waiting till you take that leave and go out. Be the best disciple who is discipling his or her juniors. If we do that, we will bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

#faithoverfear #Tillallhaveheard #the kingdom of God First #forsakenottruthandmercy

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