Of missions and its joys.

On a good day you have this planned trip to the field, then you realize you do not have a competitive driver for a manual transmission car. Then after several consultation you secure an automatic transmission car. You say a thank you note coz finally the trip ill happen. What was not shared is the detail of the journey. Anyway a car is a four wheel drive why concern about the details? That is not a concern any longer. Before set off, a prayer is said we get covered for the trip. As we leave the parking yard we are given a disclaimer. Little did we know what awaits ahead.

Having been in mission as my primary role has really changed so many things. A starter pack for any mission trip is a mental shift, nothing is guaranteed, usual food is not guaranteed, a comfortable place to lay our heads may not be availed, it might be a simple mat. Well, is this to scare someone intending to do mission ? No, not at all. I have a first hand experience of how God does it. It is during mission ground that I have experienced supernatural things in all fronts.

God is in the details of our lives, at times we only wait to see God when something mega has happened, We think God has done it when we own a house or a big car. But God is doing things even when all is sinking. Do you know its God who allows your car to break down near a petrol station or near a homestead? It might be causing a stranger to come through when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. No single trip I have made in mission ground has similar God moments, and for that its a reminder that God is doing a great thing behind the scene.

Last week I embarked on a trip to West Nile in hopes to visit placements where we have missionaries serving in different health facilities. I did not know if it was prudent to do that. Emotionally I was not stable, a very close person is in hospital. For four days we were to do a road trip of at least 150Kms on colligated rough roads. On every single day we managed to visit two placements. Each day had it God moment in a special way. According to the disclaimer we were given at the parking lot there was a limit to the speed to maintain. You see, when an owner says something, it is prudent to observe precautions given. We were keen on the speed limit as advised.

On our first stretch of the journey, our car overheated. God is a master planner, as I looked on my left a homestead! This meant we can be able to ask for some water from that home. We walked towards the home, luckily we found a warm girl who willingly gave us enough water to cool our car. What more would we ask for at such a time? Money, connection et el could not rescue us, but God placed that family for us to be able to have our trip. What a great blessing to us. And from that act of kindness we proceeded to our destination. God moment, we miss God when we complain during tough situations and circumstances

At first we thought of abandoning our trip, we called the owner who assured us that it will be well. Sons of encouragement! As a team we were almost thinking of turning back. We had a long journey to trust a car that was heating on short distance, what will happen on bad roads? The reassuring go ahead, gave us more reason to soldier on. Off we proceeded with the journey. Along the way we bought some jerrycans and filled with water reservoir. In my journey of salvation we also experience heating moments but the word of God is such a coolant that enables us to go a little more miles with energy and strength. The practicality of the word of God.

We are living in interesting times where we have to mask up and sanitize regularly. This may not apply in all areas. In the rural areas masking up is not easily welcomed. By merely masking up, everyone is able to tell that you are a stranger. In fact you get warning from the veterans. Apparently, if you appear masked up, they run away coz they think people who put on mask are sick. Not forgetting wearing a mask you protect your neighbor. Interesting story!

Well, on every stop we made, we had to put down our mask for good reception. As a missionary I have learnt to bow down to the level of people that am looking into influencing their lives. As we were on our journey in the middle of nowhere the most unprecedented thing happened. Our car hit a rock that was in the middle of the road and the car swerved off the path, our driver tried to take it back on road and the car skidded ,the next minute we were flying on air for some minutes heading to a ditch. I remember whispering to God to hold us fast. We were all flying in the car, the guy who was co driving told us, he was waiting for us to fall on him. First, I had not buckled up my safety belt. This meant I was tossing all over. For some reason I was holding onto my chair and I was keen to notice what was happening form the time our car hit the rock. When we were thinking that we are headed for a roll, how God just brought the car back to its wheel is a mystery. With a bang, the car landed to the surface and the quietness that had been observed was followed by a sigh of relief. The kind of palpable tension that engulfed us was something.

We all got out of the car just to check on the kind of damage that had happened, as usual the onlookers that were at the edges watching had started building up. We went round the car, no major damage just a simple dent. In my head my mind started playing games, in real sense all along we have been using GPRS to navigate around. This means even if we needed help we could not tell where exactly we were. I just remembered that, in case anything happened it would take maybe a month before anyone notices am missing. Everyone in my family, our energies are geared towards the close person who is in hospital. But God in His own way saved us.

The journey after that was sombre one, the driver was kinder tensed, which he confessed much later. We had an assignment to complete and we were determined to accomplish. It was a success and we were able to do the need assessment, connect with the missionaries. It is quite fulfilling sitting in meetings and hearing the deep work that is taking place in the lives of people, transformation of the missionary and the community at large. On every conversation we are very observative to notice the areas that need improvement, what is working and what is not working. This informs us on our strategy and what to do.

In life there are calls that excite you and there those ones that break us. After a very fruitful meeting, just as we were boarding our car back to our host resident, I received a call that broke my heart. I really desired to take a stop, scream on top of my voice in hopes that maybe, just maybe the pain I was feeling would ease or go away. The pain was too much to bear. All through the journey I fought my emotions just to stay at bay. After serious soliloquy I was able to compose myself and act like nothing was happening. I wore my mask adjusted it properly both physical and even emotional. Otherwise it was backfiring on me.

When we cruised through the rough road I kept checking the dashboard and wow our car was overheating again. It was already dark and in bushy area. Our driver was determined that the next stop was on tarmac and place where we have some buildings incase we need urgent help. I kept telling him that once we get to tarmac he should pull aside and we dance abit. Not because we would have made it home but it meant a great deal for us. Well, we got there safely cooled our car, thank God to kind and warm people in the area. They gave us enough water to take us home and before we knw it we were home. Of the things that happened in this trip is that my shower times were the best. It was easy to sob uncontrollably without reservation. I missed my safe space, all I wanted was crying to reduce on the pain I had gone through. Time and time God kept reassuring me that he is control and true to His word I have seen Him doing marvelous things.

The story continues. Am gonna tuck in will pick it up from there. My emotions are playing games on me. #faithoverfear #thiswillpasstoo.

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