Adulting, take a back seat.

Today was one of those days. For a minute or so I allowed the child in me to take over. This happened to the entire congregation at church. Each one of us was handed in a sheet that had a message and a crayon. Interesting!

It turned out to be the most intimate time I have had in a long while. For a moment I forgot all the cares of the world. Bills to be paid by the end of the month. Uncertain monthly salaries, not forgeting my mum who has been hospital for close to two weeks now.

The innocence of a child who prays for her mum to get well but after few minutes goes back to playing, when evening comes a child expects the mum to provide and prepare food for dinner. Operating at a place of rest is the hardest thing for an adult.

According to the instruction, we were expected to colour while meditating. Taking time to thank God for the things He has done thus far. Looking into what is working forgetting what is not working. Introspectiom of positive things only.

This was quite relieving, my mind and heart took a tour of how God has been faithful, how He has been doing things even when I couldn’t feel like He is doing something. The small things yet very ordered by Him. The details of my life. Indeed God is at work. In the busyness of life it is very easy to think that God left and He doesn’t care.

Well, my heart was overwhelmed by joy, beauty for ashes took over and my eyes teared. Why worry when God is in the picture, why take the wheel when you can take the back seat and enjoy the ride. I got stuck at the child posture, a place of knowing I have a good father. A father who is well able.

Adulting can make things really hard, most times we feel like if we release it we gonna loose. Yet that is all God is asking of us. Total surrender, laying it bear at His feet and knowing He will do it. It may not be definate when, but at His time He will do it, its going to be the most perfect thing ever.

Fearless mentality… Faith over fear. Beauty for ashes.

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