Marc 2021 in a nutshell

If someone told me earlier how March was going to be, then I would have boarded the last flight on Feb to the land of unknowns. If we could be able to tell what awaits ahead, I really don’t know how life would be. I guess we would be avoiding some roads, avoid some friends, be better humans, or maybe elope before what is coming finds us. Well that is not always the case, we prepare not knowing we are doing it in vain.

In the recent past the art of strategy, you know five year strategic plan, has been nullified. Ask anyone who had a wedding on Saturday just after the presidents maiden address. The people who run restaurants and bars. Or a person who had just arrived in the village and the unprecedented announcement came. Will you say that he didn’t plan, or was he reckless? No not at all. We are living in very interesting times where staying at home one becomes responsible. Since when did we start clapping at staying home doing nothing? Well, this is the day. The day of the Lord.

Lockdown and what that means is not my point of interest today. I might revisit the story sometime again. You see, when Feb was coming to an end, I had two of my nephews who were unwell, one, a newborn was in hospital for close to a month, the other one had a minor, but delicate eye surgery. Just as they were in hospital my mum had gone for a routine check up. Thanks to God she was given a clean bill of health. Just after my nephew was released from hospital, I remember asking a friend who happens to be a covenant sister, to pray for this cycle to come to an end. Having been away from home, the anxiety that comes with having a sick person had taken a toll on me. And I really desired to have my people well and healthy, just like it is to each one of us.

It all began with a normal cold and flu. We kept insisting that she needed to see a physician. She is this strong person, person of faith. First of all, her blood pressure had been confirmed to be fit. Why are you worried? Days passed by, she kept saying we have ganged against her, the only thing we want is to have her go to hospital. She trashed the hospital idea. We couldn’t tie her and take her to hospital. Well my younger sister went home spent two nights with her. She still insisted it is a matter of time and she will be okay.

As it is the norm, she had to go back to her work and do the needful. With constant call, using conversation to evaluate her condition. A few days later the turn of event started unfolding. What was seemingly normal started mutating to worse. She couldn’t take calls any more, her body had emaciated. We had to use a neighbor who went home and found her condition wanting. Well, my sister had to board the taxi with immediate effect to home. That marked the beginning of a rollercoaster of highs and lows, mostly lows.

The moment she got home, I remember that first call. It was heart wrenching and every nerve in me grew weak. She asked me, do you really pray for us? Then she went off! That alone froze me, in retrospect I didn’t know whether to start walking heading home or what was expected of me. I was utterly shocked, my sister called again and she said, mum is very sick and she is not coordinating things. That was a long lonely night for me. For a minute a reminded God about that man. See how am here goin through this tough phase alone with my pillow to hold onto. This gender though, where are you? Why are you dilly dallying?

That marked the beginning of a journey, a journey of faith, a journey of trust, a journey hanging on His promises. Last weekend we took time to look back at where we began. My sister walked me the journey of the last day mum was home. They woke up well, my sister prepared water for mum to freshen up. She literary crawled from the bathroom, went to her bedroom. As she sat on her bed she said, Bui I agree am really sick, go pour that water very far its very rusty and harmful. My sister walked back to the bathroom to confirm it. She looked at the water and nothing was unusual. she went back noticed she was weak to dress up. Helped her by oiling her and dressing her up. It is really hard to take my vigorous mum relying on someone to do the basics. Well, it is understood.

To date when we look back at that day, its pure God at work, God really saved our mum for those days all for His purpose. When they got to the hospital, waited for long and finally it was their turn. Sadly, upon doctors observation. He said he cannot attend to her and wrote a referral letter to a nearby health Centre that has been set apart for patients with consistent symptoms of the virus that has brought the world to its toes.

This came with mixed feelings both to our mum and to us to. The reality of what this meant did not settle well with us. My sister wheeled my mum to the parking lot for the next destination. My prayer at that point was that God will go ahead of them and level all things. Availability of a bed in the facility was a major concern. Secondly, we know our facilities are overwhelmed, bearing in mind that our health systems are in dire need. Fingers crossed, I remember at that moment I tried to search if I had any contact from the said facility. Sadly I didn’t have. God in his supreme way He made away for them and they were received without much procedure.

The reality of isolation setup did set in when my sister tried to give mum something she had left. She was sprayed all over. And was warned against going beyond the gate. a journey we were never prepared for us and mum to. That was the last time any of us laid eyes on mum. She was so weak that, that evening one of my sister was so shocked she could not call. So, she called me to call on her behalf she said, Sister mum is very sick, please call and confirm she is still alive. I at first laughed at her, she said, am the one who saw mum and I know what am saying. Later on I was made aware that mum walked staggering coz of how weak she was. As they watched her walk to the wards, my sister kept screaming coz she felt that mum needed support which was not readily available.

It is from this point that our faith had to rise above what we were seeing, ask God to perform miracle. The proceeding days were really hard. Calls turned out to be scares, and triggers of anxiety. Every morning the only thing we looked forward to was a simple hallo from mum. That was sufficient to know that still she is alive. I remember one day I called her she said hallo and goodnight in the same statement, She could not hold a conversation beyond that. The past two weeks after very call, what followed next was sobbing. I could not believe the vigorous woman was surviving on machine for oxygen. The days she will make it to the toilet and back safely was a big milestone.

The things that are very obvious stopped being obvious, bathing became a luxury, for a minute she forgot she had a home, all things that carried the day had all stalled. All we desired was her wellbeing, others were luxurious. It broke our hearts, we had to be strong for each other and encourage ourselves. Thanks to people in my circles who have constantly walked with us, emotionally in prayers and also presence has done us well.

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