Missions and its joys II

Everytime I think about missions my heart leaps. It wells up with the many things that God keep teaching me as one whose primary role is mission. When God calls you to mission He does not give you the clear picture of what that will look like. The only assured thing is that He will lead you all the way. Do you know there so many things that we think we cant live without? Missions demystifies this very often. In the current days that we are living in, where technology has become a necessity, to be precise internet. How about network to make a call? Would you imagine such an enviroment? Well, that is not enough, how about being in a place where using a motorbike to travel may close many doors for evangelism? Or even people start avoiding you and you need them in your time there?

Interesting! God has a sense of humor, who would have thought someone would leave the luxury that is in the city and choose to follow their passion to share the gospel to those who have not heard? Can you imagine a place where the nearest shop is 45 kilometers? You ask, how do those people survive? And I will say hang in their we explore this together.

At the beginning of March, three young , passionate, fresh graduate committed themselves to leave the usual path where after school you start the search for white color jobs. Instead they choose a road less traveled. A journey of courage, a journey of resilience, a journey of total dependence of God. A walk in path that is engulfed by many uncertainties. Well, one week into deployment security issues arise. Cattle raids becomes the order of the day, their retaliatory tendencies from the two communities. In the process a life is lost this causes rage, anger and bitterness. All signs of war are smelling! Apparently you only know one person, to make it even more hard you cannot make a simple call incase the war escalated.

Why would a good God allow such to happen when you are trying to find the footing? Is God in this or should they just pack and go back to the city and grow their career? Anytime I doubt God is at work, I look at the things that missionary are ready to give up for the sake of someone who is not their relative to hear the good news. As I look around the environment they are in, I see pure work of the good God. It is in the field that supernatural and miracles are all over. What to eat, how you are preserved even in heightened wars, how God gives you peace to still stay when everything around you seems not be working.

If nothing, the reason mission has no dull moment is because theirs no monotony, its unpredictable. You cannot pride in your ability. It is in this place that we learn total reliance, total surrender, total trust. Where else would you be in such a position? In our busyness of life we are congested and we miss on the great work that God is doing in our midst. God is speaking, He is looking for our attention, are we listening? No, I cry for my generation, we are clogged by so much in surroundings. Social media has taken preeminent, it carries our time, we are trying to fit in. Competition is high, fear of missing out on what is happening, fear of being left behind, you know. We wake and sleep on our phone. We cannot understand how someone in this era can take a day without internet?

Sad reality, we have reduced our lives to the gadget, corona virus did not do us good, rather it enhanced it and we all end up where people are in the same room yet they are isolated. Sad it is. Relationships are dying daily, people no longer know how to engage in real life. It is easier to chat than meet a person physically. People sharing a roof engage each other online. You learn of peoples life on social media. Well, mission gives you the physical touch. In the regions that we are actively involved, having the latest gadget will not be a good idea. In fact that gadget can chase someone from reaching you and engaging.

I am part of the people who feel like I would throw away my gadget and interact freely. We grow strangers by day even with people we ought to be closer by day. Those that are around us cannot feel our presence. Oh, I look for the day that we will be deliberate and intentional in connecting and create real relationship , where people will greet firmly, look into eyes and read the unspoken. The day where we will reconnect once again, deep and lengthy talks, a place where we get broken and vulnerable, where we offer a real shoulder, allow some one sob and assure them that its a matter of time and all will be well.

What led me to this, I covet and relish the moments that our missionaries in Ik community have. Ik community is a forgotten community in the Northern part of Uganda. It is right at the border of Kenya and Uganda, its a mountainous residing community. They have been disadvantaged in so many ways, the entire place they don’t have a school, a health facility. In fact they only have one boy who is able to communicate in English. Out of curiosity he embarked on a journey uphill and one day he landed in a camp in Kenya. Its during his stay there that he learnt English. He has been helpful to the people who visit the community. He translates to his people what is being said.

During our interactions we learn that there exist three different churches in Ik a Catholic church, Anglican and Assemblies of God all planted by the same person. How does that happen? Well, you heard it right, he realised the need to have all denominations catered for and he thought, why not have them all. He does not pastor them, but it shows you the need to have people on the ground who can relate with the community and meet their spiritual needs at all cost.

I love mobilising for mission, I love sharing the diverse exposure and how my perspective keep changing by day. Nothing makes my heart stop than finding a missed call from the 3 gentlemen in Ik, I know it may take weeks before they visit the network zone and at times they get there and the network decides today is not a good day to access those that you are looking for.

What am I saying, I see God at work all around. I see hope in areas that are termed cut out and forgotten. There is so much that is happening. Its a high time we partner in this and have someone get to hear the saving grace that Christ has freely given to us.. .

Its kairos time, the opportune time, the time is now not tomorrow we are in this together. For ways to partner and make this possible you can feel free to reach out to me.

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