Ounce of courage

We are living in very uncertain days. So, yesterday evening I received a scare call from home. Well, my mum has been unwell, after a doctors visit we discover her saturation was low and her pressure was really alarming. Well, she had a new set of medication that was prescribed to her. Her first dose didn’t go well with her body. She was profusely sweating and quite uncomfortable as the day went by.

Currently mum is all alone at home with a guy who tends to our farm. For some weeks now, the transformer that feeds power to our home exploded, this means no power at home, as a result once in a while you can’t get mom on phone.

Yesterday was that day, as it is our norm, my siblings and I we call to check how her day was. It all began with our young sister, she called and no one responded. As a human being she is, the mind game played real trick on her.๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š. She called all of us to ask who last spoke to mum.๐Ÿค—

The drama began; the kind of panic that went around is unbearable, it was getting to 10pm and curfew time was shy of few minutes. How to navigate this was a real test.

One of my mothers daughter called a neighbour in the village to go check what was happening, the other daughter sneaked out of her house and called for a boda to pick her up heading home.

Mum was peacefully asleep and no cause for alarm. She had a knock at the door, scared and confused, it was the neighbour. She got so scared and thought someone was sick and she was needed to help. In a nick of time my sister landed. This brought more confusion to mum.๐Ÿ˜

Just know, yesterday my heart almost stopped, may God grant us shocks to be able to handle things that will come our way. How it went down is very hilarious, story of its own.

Times are difficult and unpredictable, spend time with those you love. None is guaranteed of tomorrow verbalise what your people mean to you more oftenly. When we can still breath lets share more light moments and love more than hating.

#faithoverfear #Godaboveall #eventhiswillpass #loveconquersall #familytings #inallthingswearegrateful

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