Happy birthday Pumpkin

To the man who swept my heart away and I could not hide but take him to my parents,Happy birthday!

To the man who made me believe in true love unreservedly ,happy birthday! To the man who made me see heaven on earth, happy birthday. To the man who sobbed when I was on that surgery table, happy birthday!

Life made sense when you were around, you were this radiant, bubbly guy to hang around! To the man who stretched my love for God and his word, happy birthday! You were a perfect example of an angel, you touched, impacted, and soon left.

If love was a person, then you are that person. Today I relish our moments together, my story is not complete without you in it. The person I have become directly or indirectly is influenced by what we shared.

Today you’d be turning 38, your legacy has outlived you. Even in death you inspire me to live for God. I work towards seeing you. Its a matter of time and I join you the other side. I loved you in life and even in death I still do love you.

Continue resting in perfect peace sweetheart. Is it possible to update you on what is happening this side? Alot has changed I keep imagining how it would be with you around.šŸ˜šŸ˜

I remember you and celebrate that you lived a full life and you finished the race. Its on me to finish well and join you. That I have to keep on my journey of salvation and never loose the gaze of the prize set before me.

When that day happens and God allows me to walk down the aisle, I have this confidence you laid a foundation on believing in love. You are a gem that I continue celebrating.

Honestly I miss our times together. I have no regret of days we shared just wish they were a little longer. I can write a book on how it feels. Its a pause not a fulstop coz I will be back soon. Sleep well Pumpkin and happy birthday in heaven where angels live.

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