When I grow up I want to be a child.

On this day my neighbours kid decided to crush on my house and watch cartoon. I was in the bathroom doing laundry. In the past few months the kids have made it a habit to run to my house for anything once the help serves food. All they want is to eat from my house.

But this day was special in a way. I just handed them the remote and made myself busy washing. Just in time to hang my clothes, the young one who is three jumped out of the door asking to help. Well, not washing but to carry my pegs.

Me Grace why would I turn down the offer? Off he leads me to the hanging lines. He sits down on a very strategic position to be handing me one peg at a time.

I couldnt help but reminisce on what was running in his small head. He seemed excited, every time I stole glance on him, the smile on his face was infectious and that of a fulfilled heart. He would randomly burst into laughter as he was arranging the( pegs)to look like a gun.

It was breathtaking watching this young lad having a blast. Then I thought, we the adult we find it really had to come through for each other. Especially when we are not making something out of it.

How most times before we do something we weigh many options. It feels like a waste of time after all am not helping just doing the least of thing, for Christ sake is just pegs.🤷 nothing of essence.

He blessed my heart, he chalenged me as well. Most times we feel like the only time we can do a thing is on big things not on the least of things.

For a moment I want to be a baby when I grow up. I want to carry the least of things for people around me because I care and love genuinely. I want to be the one who can run and get a glass of water effortlessly for people around.

I want the innocence of a child, one minute I chase them from my house with a stick and say you are not my friend, and in a few they are back like nothing happened. True story! Which happens more often than not. They crush my house, jump all over, disorganise every piece, I chase them. At the door they say Aunt Grace you are not my friend. After an hour they are back with a bang.

Amazing, who does that? Even a signal you are not wanted is enough to bring tension and strive. Oh how my heart desires to go back to the innocence of a baby and love genuinely no strings attached or expectation.

To love on others freely deeds that are genuine, coming through in the smallest not waiting for events. Ministry of presence and the sweetest snuggles that warm heart of everyone around you.

What more would I ask? Adulting is a rollercoaster, the adrenaline that no one prepared us. We keep opening can of worms as we navigate, when you think you out of the woods something happens and you doubt yourself.

If someone prepared me for adulting I’d forever be 6 just 6. That will be good enough. A thought that I am the parent who needs to bring order and give direction to a chaotic world. I want to curl up and be six all over again.

I don’t what more growing up am waiting for, but of now I want to be a child when I grow up no worries and be at rest coz God got my back.

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