Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

So today in church, pastor asked if we love ourselves. Definately we do. Then he went ahead to say love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Well, when it comes to loving self its very easy, but when it comes to loving others as you do to self, not a walk in the park.

You know, if you do not love yourself then you do not know how to love others. We learn love from the author Himself Jesus Christ. He is the only one who loves us with all our frailty.

When we receive His love that we do not deserve, then we know what love looks like. That way we extend the same love to those around us.

If we know how to receive the unconditional love, we learn loving self and have a taste of unadulterated kind of love. .
Christ loves us even when we are hard to love, that teaches us to diffuse the same to those around us.

Are you a good neighbour? What kind of a person do those around you say? Are you known for loving unreservedly? Are you known for being a kind person? Do you help those in need around?

My challenge this week, may I be known to be the carrier of grace and extra love to the least of the people around me.

On being a good steward of those that God brings my way. Believe, Belong, becoming, and be fearless, bringing the most waited change in the world at large.

I look forward, to offer solution, be empathetic, compassionate, love my neighbour as I love myself.



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