Its Christmas again!!!!

Reflections today… Did you know Christmas season presents us with open opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Look at it this way, we are all in Christmas mood, organisations are breaking for Christmas, promotions are taking place, big discounts on products, families are coming together, the list goes on and on.

We are all bugged, some are following motions, some have no idea the meaning of the season, and some know the reason for the season, know your position.

We are all alert to the season, we are planning for it in one way or another. Some will be home with our families some will visit folks in the village, some will go for long the awaited vacation.
But wait a minute, how are you preparing to share the reason for the season. For all who are believers this is a harvest season, time to win souls, time to share with your loved ones the love of God.

I want to challenge all of us to take time to know people you are spending Christmas with, whether they know the reason for the season. Inquire to know why they are doing it the way they are doing it. Engage in conversation that rotate around Christmas and why it is important that Jesus was born.

Interest them to understand the reason Christ was born to us, what it means to us thousand years down the line. Be well versed with the message of the birth of Christ. Be resourceful this season, answer those pertinent question that will be asked.. Take time to equip yourself in presenting Christ to someone, in a very simple way, yet cause someone to see why they need Christ as there personal saviour.

Seek to spend Christmas with a different perspective, cease the moment and incarnate the love of God to those you love.. #Gospelofunashamed




4 thoughts on “Its Christmas again!!!!

  1. This is a great reminder Gracie. We get carried away by the festivities, and forget to share the real reason we are celebrating.


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