Perfecting quick obedience.

Its been a minute. Thought I should share a quick reflection.

In the past few days there is has been an urgency in my heart to perfect quick obedience in my life.

You see, its seemingly easier to obey but at our pace. I want to create a picture; have you ever called someone and they ask what you want before responding to the call?

Well, that is my struggle. Growing up, my mum would call me I heard her the first time she called, I’d pretend I have not heard and wait for another time for me to respond. That is the same scenario am at times.

There are times God has asked me to do things, my response most times is bargaining and negotiating to see if I can do it at my own pace.

Its worth noting our next assignment or God speakings is pegged on your last obedience. God will be waiting for you to obey then He speaks again.
For parents, when you call your son and daughter if they do not respond immediately you wait till they respond for you to give instructions. That is exactly how God does with us.

Truth be told am a victim of this, I have missed God and wasted time just because I took my time to obey. Its been a tough clarion call, I have to fine tune my obedience. Every step of my life is dependent on how and when I obey what God is saying today to me.

Its harder when you mature, at times we feel like we have figured out, we are used to others obeying our orders and instruction especially those in authority, me included.

Trusting the process, looking to God for this journey of  knowing and identifying his voice accurately in order to articulate what He has spoken.. Obeying immediately no room for saying tomorrow or next week.
What is God saying to you? What are you doing about it?

Season of many unlearning and relearning.

On becoming the Gods best version of me.

#fearless influencer.
#so help me God.

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