Cruise ship vs battleship

In one of our opening services after many months of lockdown no physical service, our pastor used an analogy of cruise ship vs battleship. Just to bring it home: A cruise ship is more of an entertaining experience, everyone would desire to have a taste of a cruise ship.

Well, on a cruise ship life happens, there is variety of food, drinks, a dessert I mean all courses are available. Each day comes with a different cuisine to savour your taste buds. On a cruise, you wake up at your own time, and in fact, you do not have to clean after yourself. You hit the blanket and someone comes to lay your bed and clean up your room. We call it room service. Once in a while you have the privilege of having breakfast on bed or even lunch, everything is possible on a cruise.

It’s fun, you enjoy the ambiance, tranquillity is breathtaking, away from the hassle and the bustle of the city or normal daily life. Well, after some few days you notice you no longer enjoy the food as before, why? Your body has been stationary and mostly fed by junk. You want something different and excitement goes down.

While on the other hand, on the battleship everyone is in constant war, even as you take your tea on the other hand you are holding a gun in readiness for an enemy or an attack. Waking time is well spelled out, no one cleans after you, it’s your responsibility. You do not have the luxury of choosing what to eat. In fact, you survive on canned food, to bring it home, frozen food. Rarely do you get to experience a warm meal.

Discipline and order are top-notch. Rules and regulations are observed to the dot. No excuse for anything, you protect your partner always and you never leave your partner. Whether injured or dead it’s your responsibility to shoulder them to safety. Always alert and highly sensitive, following every instruction given. A simple mistake can cost a nation. You are constantly warring.

It is from this backdrop that we base how we lead our lives as Christians. We have to make a choice how to do our Christianity journey like we are on the cruise: while in church you come at your own time, you do what you want, you select what to eat and also you wait for someone else to clean after you. Absolutely no responsibility.

While you have an opportunity of being in an army, where everyone is responsible, we take care of each other. It’s not about you always, your partner is your responsibility, you cover their backs from any attack, you are constantly warring. We have a common enemy who is the devil. You follow instructions to the letter, you submit to a leader who has authority over you. You spend time drilling and training to sharpen your skills. Always alert and ready for battle. We have a choice to make.

Well, after that analogy I called myself for a meeting, serious introspection, and soul-searching what kind of a believer am I.

After a deep reflection I made some resolve, with the help of God and consistency I hope by half year I will be back with a report. The progress is impressive thus far though not fully, am a work in progress..

To be cont’d

Perfecting quick obedience.

Its been a minute. Thought I should share a quick reflection.

In the past few days there is has been an urgency in my heart to perfect quick obedience in my life.

You see, its seemingly easier to obey but at our pace. I want to create a picture; have you ever called someone and they ask what you want before responding to the call?

Well, that is my struggle. Growing up, my mum would call me I heard her the first time she called, I’d pretend I have not heard and wait for another time for me to respond. That is the same scenario am at times.

There are times God has asked me to do things, my response most times is bargaining and negotiating to see if I can do it at my own pace.

Its worth noting our next assignment or God speakings is pegged on your last obedience. God will be waiting for you to obey then He speaks again.
For parents, when you call your son and daughter if they do not respond immediately you wait till they respond for you to give instructions. That is exactly how God does with us.

Truth be told am a victim of this, I have missed God and wasted time just because I took my time to obey. Its been a tough clarion call, I have to fine tune my obedience. Every step of my life is dependent on how and when I obey what God is saying today to me.

Its harder when you mature, at times we feel like we have figured out, we are used to others obeying our orders and instruction especially those in authority, me included.

Trusting the process, looking to God for this journey of  knowing and identifying his voice accurately in order to articulate what He has spoken.. Obeying immediately no room for saying tomorrow or next week.
What is God saying to you? What are you doing about it?

Season of many unlearning and relearning.

On becoming the Gods best version of me.

#fearless influencer.
#so help me God.

A decade of Gods faithfulness ( part1)

Hello February, the month of love. It comes with mixed feelings, to some it’s all jubilation, to others it’s a reminder they are seriously single. Most importantly it will be unfair to ignore the fact that one is healthy and alive. The same month, some are fighting for their lives in critical condition or else coming to terms with the death of a spouse or a fiancé.

It’s been a minute! Ten years of God’s faithfulness and unending love. If I was told that I will be able to see ten years later, I’d say it’s impossible. All was rosy and taking shape a decade ago. I was waiting to be betrothed to the love of my life. The man whose love had swept me off my feet was finally making it official. What more would a girl ask for in the month of love? It is every girls’ dream to get married the right way.

Ten years of resting in power sweetheart. And yes, you still are my sweetheart even in death. If you were still alive maybe, just maybe our four children would be all grown. Some will be in school, of course, you’d make a good Dad. By now you would be an ordained Reverend. Gosh! On the other hand, I would be Mama Kanisa. Why am I even laughing?

Let’s say I was loved right and am forever indebted, this did set a precedence of what became of me. Allow me to reminisce and relish those moments. By the way, he was not my first love, story for another day. Anyhow if love was a person, I’d gladly display you, my love. Before I met you, I was so biased towards men and I did not have any kind words in regards to men. You made me change my mind.

My memory fails me, I remember before we started dating, how I would say bad things about men and, that made you cow down from asking me to be your girlfriend.

You introduced me to the love for flowers, I remember you picking me up at the bus stop with a bouquet. My campus days! I belong to the category of girls who were in a stable relationship at Campus, pardon me those who completed campus with only a degree. Mine came in double double.

Did I forget to say why You won my heart? You made a promise that you would visit me in Uganda which you did several times. You guy my guy, you spoilt this girl. I remember the day I came from a mission at Kericho, you waited for me in town till late, you ensured I got home safe and sound.

Fast forward 4th Feb 2012! The day of reckoning was at hand, my sweetheart was no more. For a moment it felt like a bad dream that I would wake up from. Well, it was not a dream it is what it is. He had transitioned together with our Best man. What was meant to be a celebration turned out berserk. How, why, who, I was in limbo for some months. To say the least, I was utterly devastated.

Today a decade later when I look back, it had to be me who had to go through this. I would be lying to say it has been an easy journey, but God. All through God has been with me. Even on days, I feel distance He has been all around me. Holding me up, fighting many battles, some that I know and others I am not aware of.

This day left indelible marks and strides that I can’t ignore. My life puzzle is not complete without this. A major trajectory, major shift, major change in perspective. I guess I became more empathetic. I have learned the person of Christ in a very deep way. I have experienced love from people who know me, and even strangers.

I share my story, I no longer cry, not that I stopped loving you. I chose to relish our beautiful memories. Our days together though they were few, are priceless and my heart was full so it is a decade later.

I admire how balanced your life was, how would you manage to be present for all that mattered in your life? Work, serving in church, and still spare ample time for me. I tell you I can’t even compare, how I lead my life. On my days of serious introspection, I can’t help but wonder If it were me who died. Would you remember me ten years down the line? Quite sobering!

Just last year I talked to your sister and she called out my name Njeri wa Chege! I am a constant reminder to your family. Your nieces still call me auntie sweetie. I battled about it and made peace, I was their aunt, and still, I am. Just one wish and regret, no offense, I needed to be pregnant with you.😍😍 The reality of this sets in at different times. When I meet your family all we talk is about you. I feel it would have been better if I had your child. My sister calls it a hard copy of herself.

You see, being the wearer of the shoe, I know where it hurts most, of course, I have had bad days, very bad. I have the best of days and I love my life. I am much aware of the biological clock is ticking more than any other person. In my closet, I have those moments. Imagine this year we would be celebrating our tenth anniversary but the reality is am very single.🤗🤗

Some will say, I have not healed, others will say you are putting high standards on men, others will say I am unserious I sometimes feel so. Others will avoid the conversation, others will be like she is petty and selective. I receive all much aware of the space I am at. I stopped meeting people’s expectations and decided to seize the moments. Singlehood has an expiry date marriage is a lifetime.

To be continued………………………..

Story of God Through Me

Every day of my life is a story of God’s faithfulness. Without Him, I am not, every time I pen down my thoughts and inspiration it draws hope to the hopeless.

When we put thoughts into writing we put weight on our aspirations. Most times human being is very forgetful, we tend to forget things that happened and how God made them possible.

I love writing random inspirations of stories God through me. I see God all over, in the details. Waking up is a sheer miracle, making it to work and back is only God. Incidences happen and I see the hand of God in and through me.

My everyday engagement is all about God, I seek to inspire and give hope to broken-hearted. It is from this backdrop that I decided to write my experiences with God.

We live in a very uncertain world, the busyness of life has denied us a chance to see God at work. We only believe God is at work when we drive, own a house, get an ideal job, yet God is doing little million deeds every day.

My prayer and hope are that through my writings lives will be changed, we will learn to appreciate the little things that happen and above all perspectives change.

A grateful heart unlocks greatness and when one is grateful there is no room for complaint. We live in days where the complaint is the order of the day, I look to a day where a human being will appreciate life.

We put our gaze on wrong things, we miss on God while He has been with us. We trust humans more than we trust God. We think all we have is out of hard work.

Well, if a soul or two are encouraged we are on the right track. We got to do this by all means. In the future, it will encourage and save a soul.

Its Christmas again!!!!

Reflections today… Did you know Christmas season presents us with open opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Look at it this way, we are all in Christmas mood, organisations are breaking for Christmas, promotions are taking place, big discounts on products, families are coming together, the list goes on and on.

We are all bugged, some are following motions, some have no idea the meaning of the season, and some know the reason for the season, know your position.

We are all alert to the season, we are planning for it in one way or another. Some will be home with our families some will visit folks in the village, some will go for long the awaited vacation.
But wait a minute, how are you preparing to share the reason for the season. For all who are believers this is a harvest season, time to win souls, time to share with your loved ones the love of God.

I want to challenge all of us to take time to know people you are spending Christmas with, whether they know the reason for the season. Inquire to know why they are doing it the way they are doing it. Engage in conversation that rotate around Christmas and why it is important that Jesus was born.

Interest them to understand the reason Christ was born to us, what it means to us thousand years down the line. Be well versed with the message of the birth of Christ. Be resourceful this season, answer those pertinent question that will be asked.. Take time to equip yourself in presenting Christ to someone, in a very simple way, yet cause someone to see why they need Christ as there personal saviour.

Seek to spend Christmas with a different perspective, cease the moment and incarnate the love of God to those you love.. #Gospelofunashamed




Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

So today in church, pastor asked if we love ourselves. Definately we do. Then he went ahead to say love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Well, when it comes to loving self its very easy, but when it comes to loving others as you do to self, not a walk in the park.

You know, if you do not love yourself then you do not know how to love others. We learn love from the author Himself Jesus Christ. He is the only one who loves us with all our frailty.

When we receive His love that we do not deserve, then we know what love looks like. That way we extend the same love to those around us.

If we know how to receive the unconditional love, we learn loving self and have a taste of unadulterated kind of love. .
Christ loves us even when we are hard to love, that teaches us to diffuse the same to those around us.

Are you a good neighbour? What kind of a person do those around you say? Are you known for loving unreservedly? Are you known for being a kind person? Do you help those in need around?

My challenge this week, may I be known to be the carrier of grace and extra love to the least of the people around me.

On being a good steward of those that God brings my way. Believe, Belong, becoming, and be fearless, bringing the most waited change in the world at large.

I look forward, to offer solution, be empathetic, compassionate, love my neighbour as I love myself.



When I grow up I want to be a child.

On this day my neighbours kid decided to crush on my house and watch cartoon. I was in the bathroom doing laundry. In the past few months the kids have made it a habit to run to my house for anything once the help serves food. All they want is to eat from my house.

But this day was special in a way. I just handed them the remote and made myself busy washing. Just in time to hang my clothes, the young one who is three jumped out of the door asking to help. Well, not washing but to carry my pegs.

Me Grace why would I turn down the offer? Off he leads me to the hanging lines. He sits down on a very strategic position to be handing me one peg at a time.

I couldnt help but reminisce on what was running in his small head. He seemed excited, every time I stole glance on him, the smile on his face was infectious and that of a fulfilled heart. He would randomly burst into laughter as he was arranging the( pegs)to look like a gun.

It was breathtaking watching this young lad having a blast. Then I thought, we the adult we find it really had to come through for each other. Especially when we are not making something out of it.

How most times before we do something we weigh many options. It feels like a waste of time after all am not helping just doing the least of thing, for Christ sake is just pegs.🤷 nothing of essence.

He blessed my heart, he chalenged me as well. Most times we feel like the only time we can do a thing is on big things not on the least of things.

For a moment I want to be a baby when I grow up. I want to carry the least of things for people around me because I care and love genuinely. I want to be the one who can run and get a glass of water effortlessly for people around.

I want the innocence of a child, one minute I chase them from my house with a stick and say you are not my friend, and in a few they are back like nothing happened. True story! Which happens more often than not. They crush my house, jump all over, disorganise every piece, I chase them. At the door they say Aunt Grace you are not my friend. After an hour they are back with a bang.

Amazing, who does that? Even a signal you are not wanted is enough to bring tension and strive. Oh how my heart desires to go back to the innocence of a baby and love genuinely no strings attached or expectation.

To love on others freely deeds that are genuine, coming through in the smallest not waiting for events. Ministry of presence and the sweetest snuggles that warm heart of everyone around you.

What more would I ask? Adulting is a rollercoaster, the adrenaline that no one prepared us. We keep opening can of worms as we navigate, when you think you out of the woods something happens and you doubt yourself.

If someone prepared me for adulting I’d forever be 6 just 6. That will be good enough. A thought that I am the parent who needs to bring order and give direction to a chaotic world. I want to curl up and be six all over again.

I don’t what more growing up am waiting for, but of now I want to be a child when I grow up no worries and be at rest coz God got my back.

Happy birthday Pumpkin

To the man who swept my heart away and I could not hide but take him to my parents,Happy birthday!

To the man who made me believe in true love unreservedly ,happy birthday! To the man who made me see heaven on earth, happy birthday. To the man who sobbed when I was on that surgery table, happy birthday!

Life made sense when you were around, you were this radiant, bubbly guy to hang around! To the man who stretched my love for God and his word, happy birthday! You were a perfect example of an angel, you touched, impacted, and soon left.

If love was a person, then you are that person. Today I relish our moments together, my story is not complete without you in it. The person I have become directly or indirectly is influenced by what we shared.

Today you’d be turning 38, your legacy has outlived you. Even in death you inspire me to live for God. I work towards seeing you. Its a matter of time and I join you the other side. I loved you in life and even in death I still do love you.

Continue resting in perfect peace sweetheart. Is it possible to update you on what is happening this side? Alot has changed I keep imagining how it would be with you around.😍😍

I remember you and celebrate that you lived a full life and you finished the race. Its on me to finish well and join you. That I have to keep on my journey of salvation and never loose the gaze of the prize set before me.

When that day happens and God allows me to walk down the aisle, I have this confidence you laid a foundation on believing in love. You are a gem that I continue celebrating.

Honestly I miss our times together. I have no regret of days we shared just wish they were a little longer. I can write a book on how it feels. Its a pause not a fulstop coz I will be back soon. Sleep well Pumpkin and happy birthday in heaven where angels live.

The first podcast I got featured

A new show is live! Well, I have to celebrate smal and big wins. Last Sat at 7am I was all awake. Like how on earth was I awake at that time. That would shock my mum to even comprehend.

You see, am not a morning person I catch my sweetest nap after 6am. Am ashamed already, Grace you are lazy bear! Well, I see it differently I am more energetic at 2-5am and those hours am so productive.

At a thought of the conversation that I had committed to, my sleepy eyes, I had figure out double esspresso just to stay woke.

I digressed and missed the story of the day. Your girl, yaani this girl was considered to seat and have a conversation that is to be released out there. I was quite tensed, I took on the challenge and showed up..

Dress up and show up, the rest will fit in. And surely it really did fit in and here we are. Its live on all podcast platform! 😍 Its a beginning I am not sure what this experience will birth.

Most importantly God with me, I can only be the limit. This is to more opportunities that are ordained of God. Can we do this? This will be a reminder of how it all began. Just know I hate listening to my voice over.

But do I say. Let me have the honours to introduce to our fun packed conversation.

Is it possible to build a friendship with someone of the opposite gender and have it stop at that?

In today’s episode we are talking about male-female friendships. Why they seem to be an issue, how we navigate them, our experiences with our male friends- the good, the awkward and the funny, as well as the different boundaries we set to ensure that these friendships work.

🎧Listen in using link below or wherever podcasts are streamed.

Are we becoming a borrowing generation? Or we are already deep in it?

When I first saw the sermon series for the month of September, I will say it was fascinating and thought provoking. I didn’t know what lay ahead. You see, we are in a season where vaccinate has become a common word in the current day. All thanks to covid 19 for putting new words in our interactions. We are having similar terms the whole world, even the people in the deep village resonate with the same. What a way to unite the world!

We live in very interesting time, all that can be shaken has been shaken! In the wake of the pandemic, our livelihood has been robbed of us. Our businesses closed, we lost jobs, hefty paycuts, lost loved one’s, spent on hospital bills, the list goes on. This has exposed our finances. If you want to cause chaos this season, ask someone for money. This is an uphill task,well, the marginal propensity to spend is at its lowest, we want to keep the little cash we have.

Truth be told even before the pandemic, our finances, and things surrounding us were wanting. When we talk about any project, matters finance, the most quick fix is borrowing. In our day, the most selling products are tied to loan, buying on credit rather than cash, our banks advertise of cheap loans,are they even cheap? We have quick online apps that give quick loans to any one without security required.

What has this turned us into? We have become a borrowing lot. When we think business, car, land, not forgetting our government, roads are constructed on debt. A case in point, if you want to send money, it’s of necessity to ask if one has debt on their mobile money. This doesn’t sound real.

The only reason people save is to get loans, such is a bad mentality and wrong reasons to save. A case in point a guy would save in many saccos so that they can borrow multiple times.Borrowing is our way to success. There is unwritten rule that your way up to success is through borrowing.

What indebtedness has done to us:
1. Debt courses stress, you are not rested because debts are all over. End up switching off the phone.
2. Destroy relationships you work for the other person. We have a saying that says giving debt is the last death to a friendship,  when you owe someone when they call, to say hi they won’t pick. The Friendship fizzles like that.
3. Great embarrassment, the debt collectors are merciless . The shame of having your property and electronics auctioned at a throw away price. This happens in presence of people who didn’t even know you had a debt.
4. Debts and loans keeps us away from following God. Employers tie us by giving us loan. When the call of God is on us,we fear how they will survive after leaving a job . We can’t leave our jobs in fear of how we will service our loans.

Assumption that borrowing is the fast way to make it. There is a notion of faking it till we make it.We are an impatient generation. We want instant things.
Proverbs 13:7,11
[7]There is one who makes himself rich, yet has nothing; And one who makes himself poor, yet has great riches.
[11]Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase.
Process,process,it is a tough thing to go through

We seem to know what tomorrow will be; I will keep my job,I will be healthy, we have become presumptuous. It is at this point that the reality of bank is not your friend seems to dawn on us. We are so sure about our tomorrow without trusting God for it. When our jobs,health take a detour we are clueless how to navigate, we end up in debt. Rarely do we trust God for provision in totality. We think its only by borrowing that we can fix our issues.

Knowledge that we cannot get the blessing by violating God laws . When we ask for loans rarely do we enquire from the Lord. Most times we pray for it to be approved. At times we engage in things that are not in line with what God has asked of us, and when we hit a gridlock we come back asking where God was, when things crumbled
Proverbs 19:3
[3]The foolishness of a man twists his way, And his heart frets against the Lord.

Rarely do we fully trust God to provide our needs. Most times we doubt God’s providence, we ask but we go ahead to fix.
Proverbs 3:5-6
[5]Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
[6]In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

We are suspicious of God; we like to be in control, I want to know how it is going to turn out. We want to know how the end will be.
Proverbs 10:22
[22]The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it. The writer of the song sang and said; Oh what peace we often forfeit oh what needless pain we bear all because we do not carry everything thing to God in prayer.

Debt is  a contentment problem:
I Timothy 6:6-10
[6]Now godliness with contentment is great gain.
[7]For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
[8]And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.
[9]But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.
[10]For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. The Good Confession

Resolve in matters debt; Make a spiritual decision debt will not an option for me. Debt is not inevitable. Resolve that I will not borrow again and trust God for all my needs undoubtedly that he will provide.
2. Believe that everything you have comes from the Lord  Jireh is enough God. In every circumstances
II Chronicles 16:9
[9]For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars.”
3. Confess my sin, choose to release those who wronged me especially those who made ms

me get into debt. 
Psalms 37:14
[14]The wicked have drawn the sword And have bent their bow, To cast down the poor and needy, To slay those who are of upright conduct.
4. Practice gratitude daily.  How did I see or miss God in the course of the day. Have a gratitude jar and I will know how many things worked out on a bad day.
5. Stop comparing myself with others. Comparison is the thief of  joy.  People are living a lie and what they show on the outside is just show off. Especially in current days of social media and celebrities who are parading all they have everyday a new thing,  they don’t even repeat clothes.
Proverbs 13:7
[7]There is one who makes himself rich, yet has nothing; And one who makes himself poor, yet has great riches.

6. Help other people it may not financially but also in terms of acts of service.  Most times we are limited in the name  of we don’t have money.  Prayer is also something we can give it out to people.

Freedom prayer
Dear heavenly Father,thank you because you are the source of everything I am and
everything I have,my gifts,talents and resources are all gifts from you. I confess
that I mismanaged the resources that you have entrusted to me (1st John 1:8_9). I
confess my impatience presumption and suspicion of You that has led me into debt.
I have made assumptions about the future and taken matters into my own
hands please forgive me.

I also in the same breath forgive all those whose actions
have contributed to my financial predicament (Luke 11:14)
Your desire for your children is that we shall one no one anything except love.
(Romans13:9). Your word says that it is For freedom that Christ has set me free ,and
that I should stand firm and not allow myself to be become a slave (Galatians 5:11).

Today I commit before you with your help that I will never again rely on debt to
rescue me and that I will never again be a slave to debt (Poverbs 22:7)
Your desire for your children is that we shall owe no one anything except love
(Romans 13:8) your word says that it is For freedom that Christ has set me free ,
and that I should stand firm and not allow myself to become a slave (Galatians

Today I commit before you with your help, that I will never again be a slave to debt
(Proverbs 22:7)
Upon this Confession O Lord, I now ask for your wisdom and supernatural resources
for clearing any debts that have entangled me (Proverbs 6:5) . Help me as I begin
the work of listing those who I owe money to and working out a repayment plan. I
pray that I will find favour with my creditors and that you will give me the resolve
and discipline to clear all debts.

As I take this step of faith, I praythat will miraculously supply all that I need
according to your riches in glory through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)
I break the curse of indebtedness and I pray for complete deliverance for my family
in Jesus name. We shall not be a family of givers (Proverbs 37:21). We will not live as slaves but will enjoy the blessing of the Lord which brings wealth and adds no sorrow. (Proverbs 10:22)

May oil of my descendants be blessed financially and may we become a blessing to
the nations (Genesis 12:3).
I choose to count my blessing every day for your provision for me (1
Thessalonians 5:18) .
Give me a spirit of gratitude instead of discouragement. I choose to trust in You
give me a testimony that will become a blessing to many (Romans 8:28). And I
promise to give You all the glory as Jehovah Jireh my provider