Cruise ship vs battleship

In one of our opening services after many months of lockdown no physical service, our pastor used an analogy of cruise ship vs battleship. Just to bring it home: A cruise ship is more of an entertaining experience, everyone would desire to have a taste of a cruise ship.

Well, on a cruise ship life happens, there is variety of food, drinks, a dessert I mean all courses are available. Each day comes with a different cuisine to savour your taste buds. On a cruise, you wake up at your own time, and in fact, you do not have to clean after yourself. You hit the blanket and someone comes to lay your bed and clean up your room. We call it room service. Once in a while you have the privilege of having breakfast on bed or even lunch, everything is possible on a cruise.

It’s fun, you enjoy the ambiance, tranquillity is breathtaking, away from the hassle and the bustle of the city or normal daily life. Well, after some few days you notice you no longer enjoy the food as before, why? Your body has been stationary and mostly fed by junk. You want something different and excitement goes down.

While on the other hand, on the battleship everyone is in constant war, even as you take your tea on the other hand you are holding a gun in readiness for an enemy or an attack. Waking time is well spelled out, no one cleans after you, it’s your responsibility. You do not have the luxury of choosing what to eat. In fact, you survive on canned food, to bring it home, frozen food. Rarely do you get to experience a warm meal.

Discipline and order are top-notch. Rules and regulations are observed to the dot. No excuse for anything, you protect your partner always and you never leave your partner. Whether injured or dead it’s your responsibility to shoulder them to safety. Always alert and highly sensitive, following every instruction given. A simple mistake can cost a nation. You are constantly warring.

It is from this backdrop that we base how we lead our lives as Christians. We have to make a choice how to do our Christianity journey like we are on the cruise: while in church you come at your own time, you do what you want, you select what to eat and also you wait for someone else to clean after you. Absolutely no responsibility.

While you have an opportunity of being in an army, where everyone is responsible, we take care of each other. It’s not about you always, your partner is your responsibility, you cover their backs from any attack, you are constantly warring. We have a common enemy who is the devil. You follow instructions to the letter, you submit to a leader who has authority over you. You spend time drilling and training to sharpen your skills. Always alert and ready for battle. We have a choice to make.

Well, after that analogy I called myself for a meeting, serious introspection, and soul-searching what kind of a believer am I.

After a deep reflection I made some resolve, with the help of God and consistency I hope by half year I will be back with a report. The progress is impressive thus far though not fully, am a work in progress..

To be cont’d

The first podcast I got featured

A new show is live! Well, I have to celebrate smal and big wins. Last Sat at 7am I was all awake. Like how on earth was I awake at that time. That would shock my mum to even comprehend.

You see, am not a morning person I catch my sweetest nap after 6am. Am ashamed already, Grace you are lazy bear! Well, I see it differently I am more energetic at 2-5am and those hours am so productive.

At a thought of the conversation that I had committed to, my sleepy eyes, I had figure out double esspresso just to stay woke.

I digressed and missed the story of the day. Your girl, yaani this girl was considered to seat and have a conversation that is to be released out there. I was quite tensed, I took on the challenge and showed up..

Dress up and show up, the rest will fit in. And surely it really did fit in and here we are. Its live on all podcast platform! 😍 Its a beginning I am not sure what this experience will birth.

Most importantly God with me, I can only be the limit. This is to more opportunities that are ordained of God. Can we do this? This will be a reminder of how it all began. Just know I hate listening to my voice over.

But do I say. Let me have the honours to introduce to our fun packed conversation.

Is it possible to build a friendship with someone of the opposite gender and have it stop at that?

In today’s episode we are talking about male-female friendships. Why they seem to be an issue, how we navigate them, our experiences with our male friends- the good, the awkward and the funny, as well as the different boundaries we set to ensure that these friendships work.

🎧Listen in using link below or wherever podcasts are streamed.