The new norm.

This is hard, no! This is new…..

Covid-19 has literary changed everything… All humanity has felt the effect of it, directly or indirectly.

What does this mean? It means we have a choice to make.. We will either come out of this better or bitter… We have to acknowledge that at one point it gets hard.

If you have not been to a place where the only easy option was to give up, thank God.. Not once have the strength gone to negative … Thank God for his moments, they sky rocket my low moments and bounce back to life.

It is okay not to be okay, we all have those moments. I have been tested in all manners. Relationship has been shaken, finances, my spiritual being has been shaken. Am a pure product of Gods sustenance…

Covid19 is not a surprise to God, to us its a mystery. God knows how he will end it. Bottom line is where is our reliance? When we get sick where do we firsts seek help.

It is a high time to reeavaluate where we look to in sickness. So far no cure has been found for Covid, God is our great physician. Can we trust that He can heal us? Can we gaze our trust on Him.

Do you have that full confidence that incase you tested positive that you would pray and trust Him for healing?

This has been my reflections, how much do I trust God. Can I trust Him to heal without wavering or seeking help elsewhere.

The word of God tells us if you have faith small like a mustard seed. You could tell the mountain move and it moves… How many of us can stand on His word and try Jesus?

Am speaking to myself loudly.. It is easier said than done. But how far can I go? Lord in my drooping faith. In my weakness would you cause me not to loose the gaze even when storms are raging?

I look to you and hope in You that you will hold me fast. Am girding myself with strength for days to come. So help me God.. It is not hard it is new. I can rely on you and I will follow to the letter.

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