Reality of Covid 19


Covid-19 has been with us for close to seven months now. It has taken over our screens, online, newspaper and even our conversations are mostly around corona. Have you tested for corona? Am quite sure that none of us will be quick to go for a test, unless on a need basis.

Have you thought how you would react in case you tested positive? What if one of your family members tested positive? Or peradventure one or two are positive and a few days before, your entire family had mingled for hours? Meaning they are contact persons! What would be your first reaction?

Well, as the reality of corona started hitting Africa most especially East Africa I was pretty sure I will be the fast case in Uganda. I was symptomatic, I had all the corona symptoms and on top of that I had interacted with someone who had just landed from United States. I kept calling him just to confirm he is fine. I knew it was a matter of time and an ambulance will be on my door to pick me as part of the contact person. Luckily by the fourteenth day we were still okay and healthy, a sigh of relief for me.

As the lockdown was coming to an end, I had this craze to catch the flu and let it slide behind me. There are days I woke up scared of getting infected, who would take care of me, am in a foreign land? Crazy idea! All I know corona is not going away. It is a matter of time and one gets infected. Am glad am still healthy not sure I have gotten the virus, but so far am fit and running.

Fast forward, September comes the date is 25th a Saturday. As it is my routine I have a boot camp training early morning. I woke up prepared for the training as usual and sat for the class. As the class was going on , I saw a pop up from our family group.

I did sneak peak on the content, it came from one of my sisters. It came in parts, the initial one was an encouragement from the scripture, wow what a nice way to begin a text. Whatever followed made my heart skip a beat, my eyes saw blurry as I read on. I didn’t know what to do, mixed feelings!

The message read: For better part of this week I have not been feeling well. From where I work from, there are laid down protocols to follow, one of which is to do the covid test. Which I did yesterday and it turned out positive. I am writing to you, be careful and to watch out for the following. She listed all the symptoms.

Now, I want to introduce you to my family, they are important in this. We are closely knit kind of family. We do a lot of things together. Just before my sister tested positive few days before they had mingled for hours at home. This meant they were possible candidates of the virus. Ewoh. My entire family, my nieces and nephews were all in this. I am the only one who was away.

Our main Woman, Our mommy; A phenomenal woman,indomitable spirit, very assertive, she has this firm and sure relationship with God. The pillar that holds our family together, she has energy and vigor that keeps propelling us to hope for better days. The entire corona virus has been a far fetched thing, it can’t get to her. She has been calling it a passing cloud that Satan has brought. She keeps confessing that it can’t touch her and even if she dies it would be her time to rest.

Now,on learning about the positive case amongst my siblings, a thought of her children might be positive made everything loose. Her tears were falling loose, if not so her stool is all loose, if not one or both they were alternating. This brought her to a place she didn’t want to receive a call from any of us. Why? The subject will pop up and she was this overwhelmed. You see, my family has a way of seeing humor even in serious matters. If you call her and she is reactive you call the next. We laugh at her! To us it will hilarious the one positive person is all in fear…

Brother A: Very cool, calm and collected. He is the action person in most cases,cool waters run deep..He never stops to surprise us with his moves. one if you see his call something is really wrong, or its essential and you are the only one with what he needs. Make a mistake and send him money waiting for him to acknowledge, my friend you will wait till the end of days. He is one who agrees to everything especially if it comes from mum, the rest of us can contest but for him its a yes.

Now, on learning about the possibility of being positive, we are still waiting. He didn’t comment neither did he call. You know how life goes on like nothing happened that is my brother. He is one who sends the funniest videos on the group and never says a word. Anyway thats my brother, but when we are all together he says, I know none of you has a problem why would I call?

Brother B: This one is mystery, I don’t have much details about him, he has the best advice but he does the opposite. He keeps surprising us on his behavior, very unpredictable, he used to call but nowadays its possible to ignore his call. When he calls you know trouble has knocked somewhere. He has asthma and has other underlying health condition putting him at a higher risk than the rest of us.

Now, on receiving the news of the possibility of being positive. His life was unmoved, went on with his normal life. I got very unique brothers. I am not aware whether he is taking all precautions, anyway he has made choices and we got to live with it.

Sister A. She is this energetic one, full of vigor she radiates our lives no dull moments in her presence. Has hit rock bottom several times, yet she has an ability to bounce back like nothing happened and makes humor out of it.The sanguine in her dominates in all she does. She is witty, outspoken, outgoing, she is our minister of information, the one who touches every untouchable buttons for all of us. She has gone ahead in many ways, weathered serious storms yet has this beautiful smile.

On learning that she was possibly positive, in fact she had all signs and symptoms. We are tending to think she got the virus before any other. For some days she was unwell, tried to implore her to go to hospital she kept saying she will be okay. One day she prepared to go to hospital but didn’t since she felt better. She says from her words, God loves me so much, she is one who is choosy on eating fruits. She says God has preserved her miraculously. I call her to know how she is fairing, the she bursts out with laughter because of Mum. It is until she starts coughing that we are reminded we are laughing at a serious matter. We can’t wait for the days to end so that the laughter of victory can happen.

Sister B. The most introverted one among us, the disciplinarian, one who puts things in order. She is detailed, result oriented if you want to perform a task. When we are together she ensures order, otherwise even food would not happen. She is one who will send bible verses in our group. When seriousness is needed she comes in to balance us. We actually fear her, especially on lazy days she pushes us to the brim.

Now, on her knowledge of being positive. She had this positive energy. She begins by thanking God and then spells out things to look out for. She was taking all precautions, she was keen on ensuring we are playing out part. She cautions and reprimands for the hard headed ones.Her infection progressed very fast. In her breathing you could hear the struggle but she kept composure. I love the positivity that made it easy for us.

Sister C! She is the darling to all. Has a selfless life, one who will carry an extra snack for all especially when we have an event. Our babies love her so much, they actually call her their aunt and the rest are aunt. One you call at the wee hours of the night and she will readily be of help. She goes out for all unreservedly.

This one! On that material day, she had an event out of home. Meaning she was up and down. All along she had not accessed the information of the possibility of testing positive for covid. I noted she was all silent, I decided to make a call see how she is coming along. After I made the maiden call, it went south. She was in a matatu heading home. I asked if she had spoken to any person from home. Its after she got home that we talked.

It was the most hilarious call in a long while, she goes! I thought corona is under our feet? I bursted into laughter. She was so confused and then she goes, Do we close our entire church. You know how the numbness and thought of it was settling in her nerves. From my analysis she sat on her couch and wondered what days ahead would look like for her. Then after silence she asks, what am I supposed to do. We exchange some pleasantries and leave it at that.

Now weeks later she lost her taste bud and smell sense were also gone. It has set home, she took time in isolation to recover and get back on her footing. After 10 days she was back to life for which am grateful.

I have many things to be grateful in all things that happened ! I am grateful that they are all safe and sound out of the woods. It was scary but as the reality did set in the positive vibe made it easy. I am glad that my people tested positive when the doctors had better understanding on how the virus is mutating. This meant it was easy to manage. Again the issue of how people were being picked by those guys who look like they are visiting the moon. It saved the stigma that would have come with my entire family being taken to isolation.

The take home is that God is in the business of protecting my beloved even when we feel like we are losing it. Over and over again He has proved to be in control. I at times feel very loved by God. In times of dire need I have seen him come through turn around the situation and give us victory.. God continue to shield us and to carry us through, We are not yet out of the woods we need to be careful ensure all Sops are observed to the letter. Do not be the reason someone will catch the virus cause of your carelessness, wear your mask, wash hands or sanitize, keep the physical distancing. Love on those who are positive, do not be the person stigmatizing those who are positive. Next might be you or your relatives. Spread love, spread hope it is worth every energy.

Covid is real, it is here to stay but do not allow fear to take hold of you. Positive attitude is key. Prayers and allowing to be loved by those around you.. Be an ambassador to sensitize on the virus…

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