Story of God Through Me

Every day of my life is a story of God’s faithfulness. Without Him, I am not, every time I pen down my thoughts and inspiration it draws hope to the hopeless.

When we put thoughts into writing we put weight on our aspirations. Most times human being is very forgetful, we tend to forget things that happened and how God made them possible.

I love writing random inspirations of stories God through me. I see God all over, in the details. Waking up is a sheer miracle, making it to work and back is only God. Incidences happen and I see the hand of God in and through me.

My everyday engagement is all about God, I seek to inspire and give hope to broken-hearted. It is from this backdrop that I decided to write my experiences with God.

We live in a very uncertain world, the busyness of life has denied us a chance to see God at work. We only believe God is at work when we drive, own a house, get an ideal job, yet God is doing little million deeds every day.

My prayer and hope are that through my writings lives will be changed, we will learn to appreciate the little things that happen and above all perspectives change.

A grateful heart unlocks greatness and when one is grateful there is no room for complaint. We live in days where the complaint is the order of the day, I look to a day where a human being will appreciate life.

We put our gaze on wrong things, we miss on God while He has been with us. We trust humans more than we trust God. We think all we have is out of hard work.

Well, if a soul or two are encouraged we are on the right track. We got to do this by all means. In the future, it will encourage and save a soul.

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